Benefits of Joining Running Clubs

104 Running Clubs“No man is an island”.

Ever since we were young, we are always led to believe through this old adage that human beings, by nature, are social animals. We cannot live alone by ourselves. We always make It a point to interact and socialize with other people in our workplace, at school or even just outside of our homes. In fact, Abraham Maslow seems to agree with this principle in his diagram illustrating the “Hierarchy of Needs” that leads to self actualization. If you’re going to take a closer look to this pyramid diagram, you can see that at the middle part of the diagram is the need for “self-belongingness”. Maslow posits that one of the most important needs a person must satisfy before he gets that feeling of happiness is his or her need for companionship, camaraderie and friendship.

And it is this very need which brought the rise of clubs and organizations to popularity. People often join these kinds of groups to achieve their personal goals in life and satisfy their need for human interactions. One great example of this is running clubs. A running club is a type of organization for people who have passion for running. May you be an individual aiming to lose weight, or you are one of those aspiring stars who want to develop their running skills, there are various clubs that cater to different kinds of needs. Some are more focused on the development of their skills in running while there are others which are concentrated on the social or recreational aspect of it.

These are the following benefits that you can get in joining running clubs.


Increase In The Level Of Motivation.

There is a different kind of feeling when you are surrounded with people who share the same passion or interest with you. Studies show that a team-like atmosphere has a correlation in the increase of the runners’ performance.


Expand Your Network Of Friends.

They often say that it is easy to gain friends especially when you share something in common. These people can share a lot of valuable tips in running and also in other aspects of life. It Is also fun to have these running buddies with you and share jokes and conversations with them while running.


Learn A Lot Aside From Running.

Most running clubs are not just made for running. There are also a lot of activities aside from running that these clubs engage in. Examples of these are hosting of galas, organizing parties and giving to charities. You’ll be seeing different kinds of people in these occasions and also learn a lot from them.

What You Should Include In Your Diet During Race Training

140 Diet During Race TrainingRunning and eating healthy is a perfect combination to lead a longer and better life. A well-balanced diet and an effective exercise program can give you a fit body and mind. Watching what you eat especially when you are a runner is a must. You need adequate energy to run miles and make it to the finish line. That is why you should carefully plan your diet during race training to store up enough energy for the big day and get that trophy. Here are some tips that you can follow for your training period.


1. Stock Up with Carbohydrates

It is important that you stock up with carbohydrates because you need all the energy that you can get. The glycogen in carbohydrates is the fuel that gives you energy all throughout the day. Make sure to choose complex carbs instead of simple carbs since they are a lot healthier than the latter. You should plan your meals carefully especially your carb intake to ensure that they can keep you going until you finish the race. Rice, potatoes, pasta and other foods which are high in complex carbohydrates should be a part of your meals every day.


2. Limit Fat Intake

There are healthy and unhealthy fats. You cannot have healthy bodily functions if you do not have fats within your system, but make sure to limit your intake. Opt for unsaturated fats especially monounsaturated ones since they are the healthy kind and they can regulate your blood cholesterol levels. Certain kinds of oil such as those of olive and avocados are good sources of this kind of fat so make sure to incorporate them in your diet in the right amounts.


3. Get Enough Protein

Protein is an essential part of your diet since it builds and repairs bones and muscle tissues which you need when you run. However, you should make sure that you are getting it in adequate amounts because excessive protein can be stored as fats by your body and you do not need more fats in your system. Good sources of this nutrient are poultry, lean meats, fish, nuts, beans, and many more protein-rich foods.

These are three food groups that you should include in your diet during race training. Make sure that you take in the right kind and amount of these nutrients to produce the best results. With the perfect diet and training, you will no doubt make it to the finish line.

Things You Should Know About Diet During Race Training

005 Diet During Race TrainingIt is basically important to be mentally and physically fit when you are training for a race. However, a good training for a race is not just made up of physically exhausting activities. It should also be accompanied with good nutrition or diet. Good nutrition should always be a part of a good training.

When in training, you will be needing to eat enough so that you will not be feeling weak and hungry toward the end of the training. However, do not use running as an excuse to eat whenever you see something you would want to eat.

Your body’s need for calories depends on the duration and intensity of your workouts. You will be burning about 100 calories for every mile you run, depending on your size. All of these would also depend on what kind of race you are into. So, basically, these are the very first things you should find out about before going into a specific diet.

A healthy diet for someone who is in race training is one that is high in carbohydrates, low in fat, and sufficient but not excessive in protein. That would translate to about 60 percent of calories coming from carbohydrates, 25 percent from fat, and 15 percent from protein.

You will be needing much carbohydrates as these are stored in the muscles as glycogen. Glycogen is the primary fuel your body needs to keep moving. When this becomes insufficient, your body will eventually wear out. There are two kinds of carbohydrates, though. These are the simple and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are basically sugars. They are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream when consumed. They are tasty and are good for short-term energy boost. However, just like how quickly they are absorbed by the body, they also wear off quickly which results to complete reduction in performance and energy. Simple carbohydrates can be found in candies, sodas, doughnuts, and other junk foods. They are plenty in calories and fat, but they do not have the essential vitamins and minerals our body needs. You can still be healthy if these sugars come from natural sources like fruits or fruit juices.

Every individual is different and may respond better to slightly different proportions and situations. This means that there is not perfect diet for anyone who is under training. All you need to do is find the perfect one that would perfectly suit you and your training needs.

How To Train For A Relay Race?

174 Relay race TrainingIf you are planning to join a relay race, then you must need a proper training. Relay race is different from simple running.

Relay race is a type of track and field event wherein the participants or the athletes will run a pre-set distance carrying a baton that will be passed to the next runner. Relay team is usually composed of four athletes. There are two standard relay in athletics. It can be a 4X100 meter or 4X400 meter relay.


How to train for a relay race? What do I need to consider in relay race?

Always start and end your training with a warm up and cool down. The warm up exercise will prepare your body for the intense training. If you will jump immediately to the proper training, you might experience muscle pain that will last for a couple of days. Same thing will happen if you will not perform cool down after an intense training. Warm up and cool down should be at five to ten minutes.

Ask your team captain or trainer for a copy of your previous performance or if you’re a newbie ask for advice on your proper training.

Start your training early. Rush training is not helpful. Create a schedule of the days you are going to train. Plan this together with your teammates and coach to avoid conflicts on schedule.

Fill in the gaps. If think your training with your teammates is not enough to increase your speed then you must have a separate training for yourself.  Analyze in what aspect you are weak, let us say your left leg is not performing like your right leg. With that you may want to develop the speed or performance of your left leg or you will just focus on your right leg. Either ways will help you.

During your training you need some distractions. What we mean here are distractions not destructions. You do not want a boring training, don’t you? To make your training an enjoyable one you should create some rituals or activities in between. From time to time during your training you will need to take some time to rest. How would you spend this rest period? You may want to bring some snack with you, just make sure these are nutritious and fir to your diet. These distractions should keep you relax and enjoy your training.


The most important part of the training is your diet. Make your diet be a winning ingredient to the race.

Relay race is not just about competing. It also allows you to develop camaraderie and trust for your teammates. It also helps you develop self discipline since relay race needs a lot of hard work and training. You develop a sense of patience for yourself and for your teammates. It allows you to develop an attitude of sportsmanship and you will be able to accept defeat and to remain humble in triumph.

Tips To Remember When Preparing For A Marathon

A marathon can be considered a one of the oldest, original Olympic events in history since it was incepted in 1896. It is a long distance running event created as a tribute to a Greek hero, Pheidipppides, an Athenian messenger who allegedly died after running almost three hundred kilometres to deliver the news of their victory at the Battle of Marathon against Persia in Greece. After being standardized in 1921, runners around the globe compete in covering the distance of twenty six miles as fast as possible.

096 Preparing for a Marathon

This is a competition not only of the people who run the fastest, but also of those who possess high levels of dexterity, endurance and agility. Joining one is not something that can made out of a whim or impulse. You need proper, and sufficient preparation to succeed in this sport. If you are a beginner, here are easy steps that you can follow when preparing for a marathon.


Consult A Doctor.

Doing a marathon is no joke. You have to make sure first that your body will be able to withstand the pressure and stress that come with the training. Have a medical check-up and inform your doctor that you’re planning to join a marathon and that you’re preparing for it. He/She will be able to tell you the limits of your body and also share valuable tips that you can use for the said preparation.


Buy The Right Clothing And Shoes For You.

Remember that you are planning to run for a long period of time. It is important for you to have running shoes that are comfortable to wear and are also durable. Avoid wearing cotton shirts and instead, choose lightweight clothes that can easily dry your sweat. As much as possible, wear the types of clothes where you can easily and comfortably move. Also, don’t forget to bring water bottles to replenish your thirst during the run.


Train As Much As You Can.

If you’re a beginner, don’t start your training with a full distance marathon. Take your time in building up your endurance and strength by covering small distances for a minimum of six months. Once your body is adjusted to these kinds of runs, extend these trainings further through five to ten miles road races. You can also follow other runners who like to run half marathons first before proceeding to full ones.

Doing a marathon is a sport not suited for the fainthearted. It requires time, effort and money for one to be fully prepared in partaking to such an event. Follow these steps properly and you will surely be up to your very first full marathon.

How To Get In Shape For Your Next Race

Are you planning to race again? Joining a marathon race will need lots of preparation especially physical preparation. Did you win your last race? Maybe the reason why you didn’t win is because your body is not that fit enough for the race. Or you maybe lack of practice ad preparation. That’s why getting in shape for your next race is very important if you want to win this time. The more fit you are the better chances you will win the race. If you are fit you will feel lighter, stronger, and faster. So make sure that you do your training in the right way. Let me help you of the things that you should do with your training to help you get back in shape for your next training.

092 Getting in Shape for your next race

Weight Training

One of the most effective ways to help you get back in shape is to do weight training. Weight training is as type of tainting where you lift weights to build muscles, burn fats, increase strength, and be able to bear your own body weight. It’s easier to run if you can bear your own weight. With weight training you can improve your physical aspects like you can focus more on your leg muscles. If you have stronger legs you will be able to run faster and you can keep your balance properly.


Run Often

Another training that you need to do aside from weight training is running. You need to run as often as you can. Since you will be doing a run race, you need to improve your speed, agility, and improve your resistance. So, running often will train your body to adopt the speed and the distance. Will you be running for the longest distance in the race or the shortest distance? It doesn’t matter what distance you will be joining what’s important is you are ready to win the race the next time you join. You can either run using distance or time. It’s up to you as long as your body can adopt everything.


Improve Your Diet

Next, you need to improve your diet. Getting fit for your next race requires proper diet. You need to get the right nutrients that your body requires like carbohydrates. When you are racing your body needs lots of energy to sustain your body the entire race. So, for your diet, I would suggest that you do a carb diet.

When you have dome all of these things, you are now ready to race again and win the race.

3 Pre Run Workouts That Any Runner Should Do

Do you run? Of course we are all capable running but not all people are actually running on a regular basis. So, I’ll ask you again, do you run for your exercise? Or should I ask, do you join running contest like marathon? If you are, then I’m sure that you already have an idea about some pre run workouts that you should do before going to the race. There are actually several pre run workouts that every runner needs to do to condition their body especially their legs. So, what are these pre run workouts that every runner needs to do? These are for beginners or to some who doesn’t know these yet.

101 Pre Run workouts


Of course, to prevent any muscle cramps, muscle pain, sprain, injuries, and other unwanted injuries to happen, you need to do stretching. Stretching is very important because it stretch your muscles especially the leg muscles. If your muscles are stretched, you won’t easily get muscle cramps. There are different types of muscle stretching that you can do. At least do a 15 minute stretching before you run.


Leg Workout

After stretching, if it’s not a hassle on your end or if you still have another 15 minutes, you can do at least three sets of leg workouts. There are different types of leg workouts that you can do. You can do leg press, squat, calf raise, and etc. leg workout are very important because it makes your legs stronger. You won’t also get leg pain.



Another pre run workout is the treadmill. Treadmill is a machine that makes you walk, jog, and run in place. Now, since you are running, try to do it gradually you can start from walking, then you adjust the speed level, then you jog until you reach the highest speed that you desire. Running in place or doing treadmill will not only helps you prepare physically, but this also improve and increase your endurance level, resistance, energy level, and strengthens your heart and lungs. But this would cost you money because treadmills are expensive but you can also buy them if they are on sale.

There might be other type of pre run workouts that were not mentioned in this article but I know that these three methods are one of the most effective pre run workout that any runner could do to condition themselves. It’s not easy to run long distances because you need to be physically prepared so you can finish the course.

Buying Running Shoes For Your Upcoming Race

When it comes to running, the most important thing that every runner should have is running shoes. Running shoes is a very important piece of running item. It protects your feet from injuries, blisters, and other factor that can hurt your feet. It also gives you the comfort of running. It makes you run faster because you feet are comfortable and protected. If your feet are safe, your focus is more on your running rather than to your feet. That’s why you need to be very keen when choosing the right running shoes for your upcoming race. These days, marathon running competition is increasingly becoming more popular although marathon running has been there for decades already. But because of the health benefits that it provides, many people have become interested to run to be healthy.

098 Running Shoes

If you think that running is easy since you have been doing that since your still a kid, but running for a race is different because there will be pressure, endurance, resistance, and proper training. Why do you think that professional runners run faster than a regular person? It’s because that they have trained their body to run for a long distance course and have also increased their resistance level. In addition to that, they have also enhanced their speed though training. Another factor is stretching your muscles to prevent muscle sprain, muscle spasm, and muscle pain.

Going back to the running shoes, when is the date of your race? When you buy running shoes, there are factors that you need to know. Since there are different types of running shoes available in the market, you need to know which of those will perfectly fit to your feet and comfort. Each of us has different shapes and features of feet. Like for example there are people who are flat footed, slim feet, wide feet, and etc. Each of these feet has its own perfect fit for running shoes for better comfort. So, when you enter the shoe store, the first that you need to do is to ask for assistance. Never forget to fit the shoes so you will know if it is comfortable on your feet or not. There are also different types of running shoes and you need to tell the sale representative where you will be using the running shoes. Are you running on asphalt or cement road? Each running shoes has its own distinctive features that would suit to the needs of the runner.

Preparing For 5k Races Event

029 5k RacesAre you planning to start your running career? Running is now increasingly becoming popular because of the benefits that it gives to the runner and also to the people who are given help from the funds. If you look at it, it’s not that hard to run because you were running since you are a child. But as you grow old you activeness is decrease because of the changes of priorities in your life. But if you want to go back from being active again, running is good way to start it. There are organizations that are holding running events in different parts of the world and mostly they do this on weekends. They normally call this event as “Fun Run” or “Run for a Cause”. But in this event the distance is categorize depending on the runner where they want to register. Mostly the distance are categorize from 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 10k and so on. But if you want to run a 5k distance, you need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared because 5k is quite a long distance of nonstop running. Before you join a 5k race, there are things that you need to do to prepare yourself. Here are the things that can help you prepare for the 5k races event.



Your diet is very important. Since you will be needing lots of energy, you need to eat foods that are high in carbohydrates like bread, rice, pasta, and etc. But two days before the race, do not over feed yourself with these. Just try to eat the right amount. You also need to eat nutritious food to keep your energize the entire race.


Running Shoes

Of course since you will be running, the most important gear to have is running shoes. Do not use any other shoes aside from running shoes. Running shoes are designed for running that’s why it gives the comfort that other type of shoes can’t. This will also keep you from having injuries.


Improve Your Resistance

Train yourself everyday if possible. You need to improve your resistance if you want to win the 5k race. Your resistance is your key to win. If you can’t last for that long you might not be able to finish the race.

Now you see that it’s not that easy to prepare yourself for running. Running can be easy but it’s hard once you are already doing it especially if your body is not use to it.

Running Clubs For Better Health

If you love running, then it might be a good idea for you to have a club so that you can have buddies to run with to keep it interesting. This sport is actually being promoted for better health for all because it is really important nowadays. There are many stress stimuli and other things that can cause our health to fluctuate. There are things that you would like to see to further improve such as your health habits and even the things that you want for your body. The key to taking care of your body is to always look for what will help you nourish and keep it fit.

102 Running ClubsThere are definitely many factors and there are things that you would like to see for yourself because you know that it will benefit you. You also know that you can be able to make sure that you have and can get the stamina that you need. It is really important for a lot of people that these are the things that a lot of people would like to see for themselves take part with. It is really encouraged to take care of your body and be able to see to it that you can make sure that you have what you need to see make it through. You can see to it by also knowing what you need and setting goals, as well as monitoring your own progress.

There will definitely be times that you will feel a little left out and you would want to keep to yourself and see that these are what you need. There are also times that you can feel that the things that you want are the things that you are doing and aiming for. There will definitely be times that you can say that the other things that you want will have you going for more. There will be times that you need to see to it that you can take it. Because the trainings will be hard and you can feel the need to always exceed the goal you have set.

With that, you also need the right diet in mind and make sure that you can do these things. This is because you would like to be able to see that the things that you want will allow you to have what you can. Good luck and have fun!

Running: Getting In Shape For Your Next Race

There is something addicting to competitive spirit about running and many runners know they were hooked after their first 5k race. Your next task as a runner? Getting in shape for your next race. While training for a 5k race is not easy, keeping up the momentum and dedication to continue racing will prove to be an entirely new challenge. Here are some tips for getting in shape, and improving your time, for your next race.

Try to schedule a long run the day after you race. Yes, you are probably going to be sore and tired, but the memory of that great runners’ high you felt yesterday is still fresh, so the day after you race is the perfect time for your longest run of the week. This long run does not have to be hard; it should be easy, but with a higher mileage than your regular weekday runs.
If you have a race schedule and training plan, do not over race yourself. You will become burnt out and more injury prone by the end of the season. If you are just getting into running, schedule only one or two races a month. This will give you recovery and training time.

Make sure you find a training schedule that works for you. Many non-professional runners enjoy the 2-1, 3-1 schedule, which is two days of running and an off or light day, followed by three days of running and an off or light day. As you become more in shape, increase your mileage and speed. Rather than just running, implement workouts into your training. Try doing mile repeats once a week. Mile repeats consist of running a mile hard, recovering for about 2-5 minutes and running another mile hard. Run a minimum of three miles for this workout.

With these suggestions and a lot of dedication you will be getting in shape for your next race, and hopefully shed some seconds off your time.

The Best Diet During Race Training

Training for a race can be a pretty grueling affair. This is because it involves many aspects of a person’s life. These aspects include sleep, training, regular activities, resting and unwinding. Races can be pretty gruesome, especially marathons, simply due to the sheer distance that a runner has to get through. This will their drain energy and deplete their reserves, especially fat reserves.

Therefore, it is important to focus on a couple of important aspects regarding the training as well as the nutrition part of it. A good program will include a warm up, the actual training, warming down, diet, rest and sleep. In many occasions, the muscles do need some massage and kneading so they do not go stiff before the day of the race.

A good diet starts with some energy products that will provide the body with the energy necessary for the training and work outs, carbohydrates and starches are some of the best sources of energy so consuming these before the training begins is important. There is a wide variety of these. However, the amount or quantity should be just sufficient for nourishment purposes and not to make the body full. It may also come in handy to consume some glucose powder. Glucose provides instant energy to the body as it is directly absorbed to the system.

After the work out, a brief resting and unwinding period is allowed before a proper meal is embarked on. This meal should be very nutritious and contain all the essential nutrients. These are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral and essential fats. All these are important nutrients needed by a person training for a run such as a marathon. Drinking plenty of water after working out is essential to replace the water lost during the work out via sweating. Nutritionists can recommend some of the most important diet during race training.

How To Train For A Relay Race

Relay races are competitive and collaborative races that are done in legs, with each team member running a different leg. It may seem as though it is just running and passing the stick to the next runner, but relay race training is important. There are several ways to prepare for a relay race, including knowing what leg you are running, simulating the legs, running at different periods of the day, stretching and cooling down after running, and eating foods with fuel in them before and after running.

One way for a runner to prepare for a relay is to know what leg they are running. Knowing his leg will help the runner to set up a practice course and replicate his leg to the best of his ability. For example, if a runner knows that his leg contains hills, the runner will practice running up or downhill and will be more prepared for the race.

Another way to train is to simulate the leg. Most relays will consist of all types of terrain, elevations, and lengths. If a runner’s leg consists of hills and rocky terrain afterwards, the runner should find a spot near his home that contains hills and rocky terrain so that he will not be startled the day of the race. It is also important to sprint and run for long periods of time, as relays will have short and long legs. Some relays also have legs during the night and early morning hours. Runners can train for this by running the same course during those time periods so they can get a feel for it.

Warming up before running and cooling down after by stretching is another important training technique. Stretching before and after will help relax muscles and prevent them from getting strained. By doing this regularly in practice runs, relay runners can establish a stretching routine that can help them run better during the race.

Eating the right foods after running can give runners enough energy to run the next leg. These foods include lean proteins and carbohydrates that break down easily. Runners should practice this during their simulation runs so they get used to running on a full stomach and eating regularly between legs (just not right before a leg in order to prevent an upset stomach).

Relay race training should include simulation, stretching, and eating properly in order to prepare for the race. These techniques will help runners to run longer and faster as well as win the race.

Preparing For A Marathon Is Easy

Runners are usually interested in preparing for a marathon in order to prove they could complete as well as finish it. Prior to running though, one must go through a training program in order to strengthen their stamina. The following are basic tips you can do in preparing for a marathon successfully.

First things first, know that when you are to start preparing for a marathon, you need to go to your doctor and have your body assessed. Training is very much exhausting specially if you are not in good physical shape. Plus, if you possess physical injuries, this might lead to serious consequences.

Stretching everyday also helps strengthen your hamstrings and back muscles. Do not forget that the muscles in your stomach needs to be strong and firm. Being able to run a marathon needs a powerful and strong body. Drink lots of water and eat properly. Ensure that you get the appropriate amount of sleep. You might discover that you need additional sleep when you are training. Do not fight the urge to sleep or when you feel the need to get the rest your body requires. Sleep helps refresh the body completely.  If you’re no where near being in shape for a marathon and your primary goal is to first lose some weight you might try hcg drops.  These will help target fat while preserving what muscle you might have.

Believe it or not, the best time to start when preparing for a marathon is a year before the event. Start being comfortable with running a three or six mile distance. If you can, train a minimum of three days per week. Then, commit to a schedule which you would be able to regularly follow. You can do lengthy weekend runs. Walking breaks are also important and remember to stop regularly to drink.

Having a proper diet is critical. Nutrition is important when preparing for a marathon. Consuming carbohydrates will produce glycogen and protein that assists in repairing the tissues of the muscles. An adult male and female needs 2000 to 2500 calories per day. Vitamins are very much recommended and will offer you a sufficient supply of minerals. Do not forget to take in multi-vitamins everyday and consume iron as well as calcium-rich food.